American Express ‘Small Business Saturday’ Commercial


“Small Business Saturday” is an annual shopping event in the United States, usually held on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. It was first launched by American Express in 2010 as a way to support small businesses and encourage consumers to shop locally during the holiday season. Small Business Saturday falls between “Black Friday,” the day after Thanksgiving known for big retail sales, and “Cyber Monday,” when online shopping deals are prevalent.
The primary goal of Small Business Saturday is to promote and celebrate the contributions of small businesses to local communities and the economy. American Express plays a significant role in this event by offering various incentives and support to both small businesses and consumers.

Features of American Express Small Business Saturday

Here’s how American Express Small Business Saturday typically works:


American Express heavily promotes Small Business Saturday through advertising, social media, and partnerships with small business organizations. They encourage consumers to “Shop Small” and support local businesses on that specific Saturday.

Incentives for Cardholders

American Express often provides incentives for its cardholders to participate in Small Business Saturday. These incentives can include statement credits, where cardholders receive a refund for a portion of their qualifying purchases at eligible small businesses. These incentives are designed to motivate consumers to shop at local businesses using their American Express cards.

Small Business Support

American Express offers resources and promotional materials to small businesses, helping them participate in and benefit from Small Business Saturday. This includes marketing materials, such as posters and social media assets, to promote their participation in the event.


American Express often collaborates with various local chambers of commerce, business associations, and even government agencies to promote Small Business Saturday. These partnerships can help extend the reach and impact of the event.

Local Events

Many communities organize local events, special promotions, and activities to coincide with Small Business Saturday, making it an exciting and festive day for consumers and local businesses.

Final Words

It’s important to note that the specific details and offers associated with Small Business Saturday may vary from year to year, and American Express cardholders should check the official Small Business Saturday website and their card benefits for the most up-to-date information on any promotions or incentives. Small Business Saturday has grown in popularity and has become an essential date for both small businesses and consumers who want to support their local economies. It serves as a reminder of the significance of small businesses and the role they play in the economic and social fabric of communities across the United States.

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October 24, 2023